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Flowers and Sunshine

In Loving Memory of Dona Jeane Bixler

Today I choose to feel and believe in magic and maybe, just maybe... Help others do the same.


My grandmother sent me some money in order to deliver flowers to her friend (Ruthie).  Simply because the flowers would add some sunshine to her day. Not for any logical reason did she send flowers.  They were just to remind Ruthie that she was loved and cared for despite the distance or time between them.  This was something Granny did all the time!  It always felt like magic to me.  The look on someone's face when they get an unexpected act of kindness.

Today I want to share some magic with you on behalf of my grandmother and I. 

Before my Grandmother passed, I called her and sobbed into the phone about how much I was going to miss her and I didn't know what to do without her.  She said... "Tiffany Marie, calm down!  When I die, I want you to think of flowers and sunshine. Do not cry, because my life was good. I love you and I'll always be with you."


Life is sometimes heavy but I dream to change the world.  I always have.  Since I was a child.  Granny taught me that anything is possible and that magic is real.  It lives in the minds and hearts of those who choose believe in willingness and love. 


You don't have to know what or how to accomplish your dreams.  You just have to be willing to love yourself.  Love yourself and magic will be experienced everywhere.  So here I am, feeding my spirit and learning how important loving myself can be.

 I am honoring Granny's love and support.  I cannot recreate her presence in my life but I can keep her legacy alive.

In the process, I am learning to feed my spirit as an expression of self love and care.

I long for YOUR well-being as much as I long for my own.  Maybe flowers and sunshine aren't your magic but something is.  Feed your spirit, love yourself.  No one wants you to suffer anymore.  Breathe in that which feeds your soul and spread that feeling everywhere you go.





Thank You for accepting your flower and reading the letter. Maybe you know someone who needs one as well?


Pick a flower and give this letter as a gift.

Click the icon below for a PDF version that you can print from home.






If you'd like to say hi or just want to chat, I can be reached via the "Get In Touch" form below

I love you the way you are.


So can you.


Learn to believe it with me.



- TiffaZilla

 - Spreading sunshine and flowers was and has always been my grandmother's legacy. -

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