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Greetings, beautiful human! My name is Tiffany Harrell aka TiffaZilla. I am an artist, intuitive jewelry designer, and creativity enthusiast.


Guiding people through their darkness to see their worth is what I’m most passionate about. Working with crystals (Nature’s finest artistry) brings a level of power that is immeasurable. My intuitive process is faceted with only the highest good of the wearer in mind. The natural power of Earth’s crystals is coupled with lots of love, good intentions, shimmering light, positive energy, and protection from negativity. When it comes to my creative process for designing jewelry, the naturally occurring energies that each stone brings are as equally important as their presentation within a piece.


As an artist, I strive to shine light onto otherwise dark concepts. It started as a way to remind myself that perception is everything. Seeing into the shadows is just as important as seeking to journey beyond them; understanding that nothing is too overwhelming when you look at it in a certain light.


I do a ton of other creative projects as well. Duct tape wallets, t-shirt mods, general mixed media crafts, and a lot of writing! My book is set to be finished in 2018 and it is my greatest hope that it will change the world.

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