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Scarecrow's New View

Today’s adventure was a colorful illustration of shit rolling down a hill. It was all types, textures, and colors of shit, it was fascinatingly horrible. Every single atom in my body was screaming, “Get the hell out of here!” I’m certain there was a physical change in the environment as a woman approached my car vigorously flailing her arms in apparent protest of whatever shit was rolling toward her at the moment. She was trying to launch some of her stinky refuse ball at me. I could see it in her body movement as she shrugged her shoulders and thrashed her arms all around.

Thinking back, it was more visually amusing than scary. Like a cute little dirt devil with a beat up ol’ scarecrow right in the center. Spinning around, waving back and forth, his adorable handmade straw arms trying to fly out of his grease stained overalls. Twisting around without free will and losing his lovingly tied hay fingers. He was the passenger of this mess.

The difference was that the scarecrow was not the one driving the tiny tornado, rather he was the passenger. We are all passengers from time to time. Victims of circumstances that are out of our control. So what do you do? Reach out, and trust. Trust that you can pull this sweet scarecrow out of its crazy twirling. Trust that all will work out as it is intended. Trust that the Universe brings you what exactly it is that you’re asking for.

Do you feel like the scarecrow sometimes? Spinning around like a passenger to life’s bullshit? Imagine that scarecrow is a part of you from your childhood. By reaching out to him, you are displaying trust. That fearful little guy is hesitant but you are his only hope. You will save him, just close your eyes and trust. He swirls around and, BAM! You got him! Hug him, snuggle him, bring him home to safety. Acquaint yourself with this perfect creature that has been a much larger part of your life than you originally believed. Though you haven’t been in touch for a while, you know that the dizzy child that sits in front of you is in fact a part of you. A victimized passenger. Ask this part of you how it became so hurt and confused. Hearing what he/she has to say may be painful but it is necessary to save this child. By saving the child, you are honoring your true self. Fear resolves in this child and you feel it resolve within your present moment as well.

The scarecrow is not scary and neither are you. you will be delighted by the scarecrow’s dance and offer him your trust and the perfect view on your magnificent journey. This passenger is now your ally. You saved him. You rescued him from a past fear and in turn created a resolution inside yourself. Sometimes you just need to give your little inner child self a hug to feel better in the present moment.

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