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Introducing the stunning Woven Starlight necklace, a true masterpiece in handmade jewelry. Crafted from sterling silver wire, this bold statement piece is adorned with labradorite gemstones that shimmer with every movement. The rainbow moonstone stars, hand-carved in India, add a touch of celestial beauty to the design. Perfect for those who love flashy gemstones and unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, the Woven Starlight necklace is a must-have addition to any jewelry collection.

Woven Starlight

$600.00 Regular Price
$480.00Sale Price
  •  Moonstone is often called the visionary's stone. It helps us see things more clearly. Rainbow moonstone is thought to bring balance, harmony and hope while enhancing creativity, compassion, endurance and inner confidence.

  • Labradorite is considered a tremendously spiritual stone, especially helpful for people who tend to overwork. It helps an individual regain energy while aiding the body and spirit in healing itself. In the metaphysical world, labradorite is considered one of the most powerful protectors. The gemstone creates a shield for auras and protects against negativity of the world. Labradorite is said to temper the negativity within ourselves as well. Labradorite is known for its changing colors, so it is no surprise this gemstone is known as a stone of transformation, enhancing strength of will and inner worth. The gemstone labradorite is said to stimulate the throat chakra. Though not associated with any zodiac sign, supposedly the sign of Cancer is especially drawn to labradorite.

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