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Our Waves necklace is a stunning piece of jewelry that will transport you to the ocean with its natural shell pendant hand wrapped in copper Parawire. The intricate design of the wire wrapping adds a unique touch to this already exquisite necklace. This piece is completed with an 18" antique copper color snake chain that completes the vintage look of the necklace. Wear this necklace and feel the calming energy of the ocean no matter where you are.


$75.00 Regular Price
$45.75Sale Price
  • Every piece of genuine and handcrafted TiffaZilla jewelry is designed to inspire confidence within you, now and always.

  •  Some people believe a shell’s hard texture makes one’s mind stronger. That is why seashells stand for a resilient and determined mindset. It also represents protection against evil spirits.Similarly, others believe shells are a bridge between the physical and the supernatural realm. This belief comes from Shell’s close relationship with water and water spirits.

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